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Urology Prices Near You

Lowest and Highest Urology Prices In The Country.


Urology ServiceLowest Price TagHighest Price Tag
99213 – Established patient office or other outpatient visit, typically 15 minutes$42.01$783.00
52000 – Diagnostic examination of the bladder and bladder canal (urethra) using an endoscope$66.33$4,380.00
99204 – New patient office or other outpatient visit, typically 45 minutes$114.78$1,760.00
51798 – Ultrasound measurement of bladder capacity after voiding$16.42$1,726.92
76872 – Ultrasound of rectum$21.00$2,244.74
55700 – Biopsy of prostate gland$123.00$4,680.00
51741 – Electronic assessment of bladder emptying$8.34$1,523.00
76942 – Ultrasonic guidance imaging supervision and interpretation for insertion of needle$31.89$2,634.09
96402 – Hormonal anti-neoplastic chemotherapy administration beneath the skin or into muscle$25.00$360.00
52332 – Insertion of stent in urinary duct (ureter) using an endoscope$105.71$6,803.29
51702 – Insertion of indwelling bladder catheter$30.98$1,075.00
99222 – Initial hospital inpatient care, typically 50 minutes per day$111.97$2,800.00
99232 – Subsequent hospital inpatient care, typically 25 minutes per day$61.00$1,500.00
51784 – Non-needle measurement and recording of electrical activity of muscles at bladder and bowel openings$60.95$4,061.00
51797 – Insertion of device into the abdomen with measurement of pressure and urine flow rate$44.42$3,500.00
51700 – Bladder irrigation and/or instillation$43.76$935.00
52310 – Removal of foreign body, stone, or stent from bladder canal (urethra) or bladder using an endoscope$115.61$2,975.00
74420 – Imaging of urinary tract$17.42$1,000.00
51701 – Insertion of temporary bladder catheter$27.25$1,101.82
51728 – Insertion of electronic device into bladder with voiding pressure studies$104.13$5,381.00
50590 – Shock wave crushing of kidney stones$520.07$12,000.00
52601 – Electro-removal of prostate through bladder canal (urethra) with control of bleeding using an endoscope$773.93$20,000.00
52281 – Dilation of bladder canal (urethra) using an endoscope$150.54$4,200.00
51729 – Insertion of electronic device into bladder with voiding and bladder canal (urethra) pressure studies$80.00$5,482.00
52356 – Crushing of stone in urinary duct (ureter) with stent using an endoscope$397.91$12,480.84



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