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Laboratory Test Prices Near You

Lowest And Highest Laboratory Test Prices In The Country.

Laboratory TestLowest Price TagHighest Price Tag
36415 – Insertion of needle into vein for collection of blood sample$3.00$68.00
85025 – Complete blood cell count (red cells, white blood cell, platelets), automated test$1.51$300.00
85610 – Blood test, clotting time$2.70$207.42
80053 – Blood test, comprehensive group of blood chemicals$5.10$711.60
80048 – Blood test, basic group of blood chemicals$3.65$2,730.06
80061 – Blood test, lipids (cholesterol and triglycerides)$8.84$365.41
84443 – Blood test, thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH)$5.00$458.46
83036 – Hemoglobin A1C level$6.67$300.00
88305 – Pathology examination of tissue using a microscope, intermediate complexity$13.20$1,075.00
83735 – Magnesium level$4.09$182.81
84550 – Uric acid level, blood$3.11$124.16
82570 – Creatinine level to test for kidney function or muscle injury$5.86$197.97
80076 – Liver function blood test panel$5.26$400.00
84439 – Thyroxine (thyroid chemical) measurement$5.00$280.00
81001 – Manual urinalysis test with examination using microscope$2.18$107.23
82565 – Blood creatinine level$2.40$196.04
82607 – Cyanocobalamin (vitamin B-12) level$10.36$411.20
84153 – PSA (prostate specific antigen) measurement$12.65$501.81
84100 – Phosphate level$2.66$129.21
83540 – Iron level$4.45$200.00


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NameSpecialtyHealthCare ServicePrice Tag% Above MedicareCityState
FINLAY CLINICAL LABORATORY INCClinical Laboratory82947 - Blood glucose (sugar) level$10.0094.95%MIAMIFL
MORELAND MEDICAL CENTERClinical Laboratory84132 - Blood potassium level$51.001,281.40%WAUKESHAWI
GROUP HEALTH PLAN INC.Clinical Laboratory86762 - Analysis for antibody to Rubella (German measles virus)$35.0878.60%EDEN PRAIRIEMN
PEACEHEALTHClinical Laboratory84146 - Prolactin (milk producing hormone) level$53.85103.67%SPRINGFIELDOR
LABORATORIO CLINICO FAJARDO, INC.Clinical Laboratory84439 - Thyroxine (thyroid chemical) measurement$12.773.82%FAJARDOPR
PHYSICIANS REFERENCE LABORATORY LLCClinical Laboratory86850 - Screening test for red blood cell antibodies$18.2727.10%OVERLAND PARKKS
SUTTER WEST BAY MEDICAL FOUNDATIONClinical Laboratory84153 - PSA (prostate specific antigen) measurement$91.90266.39%SANTA ROSACA
WENATCHEE VALLEY HOSPITALClinical Laboratory87804 - Detection test for influenza virus$59.14261.49%WENATCHEEWA
ASHFORD ENDOCRINE & METABOLIC LABORATORY INCClinical Laboratory83540 - Iron level$8.870.45%SAN JUANPR
MARSHFIELD CLINIC, INC.Clinical Laboratory87101 - Fungal culture (mold or yeast) of skin, hair, or nail$73.99603.36%MARSHFIELDWI