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Individual Provider Prices vs State Market Prices

Search individual physicians, hospitals and healthcare provider prices and compare to state market prices.


Type in a physician, hospital, medical center or allied health professionals name.  Wait for the autocomplete options, which may take a couple of seconds to load.  Use the state and specialty buttons to narrow down providers with the same names.


Click here to load this Caspio Online Database.


Each price tag is listed along with the Medicare price and the State Market Price.

  • The medicare price is what the government pays for the service through Medicare.  Typically, providers do not charge below this rate.
  • The state market price is the price charged by the average provider in that specialty within that state.


Each price tag is evaluated on a 5 point scale:

  1. GREAT PRICE: Prices more than 40% below the market price
  2. Good Price: Prices 10-40% below market price
  3. Average Price: Prices within -10% to 10% of market price
  4. High Price: Prices 10-40% above market price
  5. VERY HIGH PRICE: Prices more than 40% above market price