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Family Practice Prices Near You

Lowest and Highest General Practice/ Family Practice Prices in the Country.

General Practice/ Family Practice ServicesLowest Price TagHighest Price Tag
G0008 – Administration of influenza virus vaccine$0.13$995.80
99213 – Established patient office or other outpatient visit, typically 15 minutes$28.87$6,324.91
36415 – Insertion of needle into vein for collection of blood sample$2.00$147.27
93000 – Routine EKG using at least 12 leads including interpretation and report$13.48$807.50
G0439 – Annual wellness visit, includes a personalized prevention plan of service (pps), subsequent visit$33.00$2,071.00
96372 – Injection beneath the skin or into muscle for therapy, diagnosis, or prevention$3.40$383.57
99203 – New patient office or other outpatient visit, typically 30 minutes$52.00$1,887.29
81002 – Urinalysis, manual test$2.00$629.46
99232 – Subsequent hospital inpatient care, typically 25 minutes per day$45.48$764.51
71020 – X-ray of chest, 2 views, front and side$10.05$628.00
G0180 – Physician certification for medicare-covered home health  services under a home health plan of care$11.00$480.00
20610 – Aspiration and/or injection of large joint or joint capsule$31.00$1,250.00
69210 – Removal of impact ear wax, one ear$15.00$1,601.56
17000 – Destruction of skin growth$38.00$1,632.12
99217 – Hospital observation care discharge$54.50$675.00
99306 – Initial nursing facility visit, typically 45 minutes per day$59.67$927.00
G0402 – Initial preventive physical examination; face-to-face visit$63.14$1,627.77
77080 – Bone density measurement using dedicated X-ray machine$9.68$1,852.50
82270 – Stool analysis for blood to screen for colon tumors$1.00$129.55
G0103 – Prostate cancer screening; prostate specific antigen test (psa)$21.60$292.92
90471 – Administration of 1 vaccine$7.50$134.00


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