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Cost of Cataract Surgery Near You

Cost of Cataract Surgery

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cost of cataract surgery

The average cost of cataract surgery is $3,542 per eye.

The highest price tag for cataract surgery is more than $32,100


Remember, there are 2 major costs in cataract surgery: The surgeon’s fee and the facility’s fee.


In the search above, the price evaluation next to the price tag standardizes the price tag to the market value.


In the United States, most of the cost of cataract surgery typically is covered by Medicare (since most people who need cataract surgery are over age 65) or private medical insurance.

The amount insurance companies pay for the procedure, and the portion of the cost that must be paid directly by the patient (the “out-of-pocket” amount) can vary widely, depending on the deductible of the insurance policy, the type of intraocular lens (IOL) used for the procedure, and other factors.

In cases when a person does not have Medicare or private medical insurance, the patient is responsible for the entire cost of cataract surgery. In such situations, the cost of the procedure can vary widely, based on market conditions and the fee schedule the surgeon adopts for a no-insurance, direct-pay scenario.