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Compare Healthcare Prices By Specialties

Compare the prices different specialties charge for the same healthcare service.  Use the menu below to search hundreds of healthcare services and compare the variation of prices between different specialties.  Find the average cost and the lowest and highest prices in the country.


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SpecialtyHealth Care ServiceLowest Price TagHighest Price TagNumber of Providers
Cardiology/ Cardiac Surgery99221 - Initial hospital inpatient care, typically 30 minutes per day$72.66$750.004,183
Audiology92542 - Observation and recording from multiple positions of abnormal eye movements$24.27$323.00181
Ophthalmology68840 - Probing of nasal-tear duct$87.73$2,279.55520
Otolaryngology92504 - Diagnostic examination of ear and nose$9.38$400.002,106
Nephrology35476 - Balloon dilation of narrowed or blocked vein, accessed through the skin$176.79$15,241.70391
Laboratory89055 - White blood cell measure, stool specimen$5.82$82.20149
General Practice/ Family Practice86318 - Detection of infectious agent antibody$17.66$181.00238
Cardiology/ Cardiac Surgery75625 - Radiological supervision and interpretation X-ray of abdominal aorta$53.65$9,117.86875
Laboratory83825 - Mercury level$5.39$251.00107
Internal Medicine10060 - Drainage of abscess$100.00$439.20121
Occupational Therapy97535 - Self-care or home management training, each 15 minutes$26.44$400.001,182
General Practice/ Family Practice76705 - Ultrasound of abdomen$30.49$515.00285
Surgery72190 - X-ray of pelvis, minimum of 3 views$30.00$375.00322
Surgery64493 - Injections of lower or sacral spine facet joint using imaging guidance$146.71$18,750.001,465
General Practice/ Family Practice94727 - Determination of lung volumes using gas dilution or washout$18.00$225.00131
Pediatrics99223 - Initial hospital inpatient care, typically 70 minutes per day$185.00$1,026.93147
Hospital838 - CHEMO W ACUTE LEUKEMIA AS SDX W CC OR HIGH DOSE CHEMO AGENT$17,254.19$213,158.6423
Hospital669 - TRANSURETHRAL PROCEDURES W CC$8,020.23$121,000.40380
Surgery49505 - Repair of groin hernia patient age 5 years or older$118.12$21,689.002,007