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Compare Healthcare Prices By Specialties

Compare the prices different specialties charge for the same healthcare service.  Use the menu below to search hundreds of healthcare services and compare the variation of prices between different specialties.  Find the average cost and the lowest and highest prices in the country.


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SpecialtyHealth Care ServiceLowest Price TagHighest Price TagNumber of Providers
Surgery11042 - Removal of skin and tissue first 20 sq cm or less$45.30$3,769.232,323
Radiology/ Medical Imaging77073 - Imaging for bone length assessment$16.46$275.99408
Laboratory82390 - Ceruloplasmin (protein) level$10.64$129.79155
Rheumatology20550 - Injections of tendon sheath, ligament, or muscle membrane$4.29$361.24597
Laboratory83921 - Organic acid level$13.86$455.00196
Otolaryngology99214 - Established patient office or other outpatient, visit typically 25 minutes$64.50$2,112.686,345
Laboratory85044 - Red blood count, manual test$5.32$225.00145
Urology81000 - Manual urinalysis test with examination using microscope$4.32$75.001,930
Occupational Therapy97760 - Training in use of orthotics (supports, braces, or splints) for arms, legs and/or trunk each 15 minutes$33.78$278.00374
Neurology99202 - New patient office or other outpatient visit, typically 20 minutes$55.00$483.93246
Surgery36200 - Insertion of catheter into aorta$100.73$4,883.75918
Emergency Medicine76937 - Ultrasound guidance for accessing into blood vessel$11.83$182.00109
General Practice/ Family Practice99334 - Established patient assisted living visit, typically 15 minutes$40.69$887.32486
Radiology/ Medical Imaging72128 - CT scan of middle spine$47.61$2,813.503,435
Neurology92547 - Use of vertical electrodes during eye or balance evaluation$4.04$150.00172
Surgery61796 - Stereotactic treatment of brain growth$845.05$26,649.81135
General Practice/ Family PracticeG9008 - Coordinated care fee, physician coordinated care oversight services$1.08$7.00333
Hematology/Oncology96374 - Injection of drug or substance into a vein for therapy, diagnosis, or prevention$52.13$700.001,575
Rheumatology81002 - Urinalysis, manual test$2.92$50.00146