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Cardiology Prices Near You

Lowest and Highest Cardiology Prices in the Country.


Cardiology/ Cardiac Surgery ServicesLowest Price TagHighest Price Tag
93306 – Ultrasound examination of heart including color-depicted blood flow rate, direction, and valve function$59.71$10,259.05
99214 – Established patient office or other outpatient, visit typically 25 minutes$53.73$2,548.57
99232 – Subsequent hospital inpatient care, typically 25 minutes per day$51.88$3,523.45
93000 – Routine EKG using at least 12 leads including interpretation and report$12.36$1,648.00
99204 – New patient office or other outpatient visit, typically 45 minutes$86.74$2,098.33
99223 – Initial hospital inpatient care, typically 70 minutes per day$145.84$4,883.44
78452 – Nuclear medicine study of vessels of heart using drugs or exercise multiple studies$75.15$9,000.00
93018 – Exercise or drug-induced heart and blood vessel stress test with EKG monitoring, physician interpretation and report$10.61$1,250.00
93280 – Evaluation, testing, and programming adjustment of permanent dual lead pacemaker system$18.46$1,921.82
93458 – Insertion of catheter in left heart for imaging of blood vessels or grafts and left lower heart$225.79$52,724.87
93325 – Doppler ultrasound study of color-directed heart blood flow, rate, and valve function$3.41$2,323.33
93015 – Exercise or drug-induced heart and blood vessel stress test with EKG monitoring$54.93$3,850.43
93224 – Heart rhythm tracing, analysis, and interpretation of 48-hour EKG$57.00$5,150.00
93312 – Insertion of probe in esophagus for heart ultrasound examination including interpretation and report$76.68$4,000.00
92928 – Catheter insertion of stents in major coronary artery or branch, accessed through the skin$210.00$45,843.90
92960 – External shock to heart to regulate heart beat$95.00$3,382.00
33208 – Insertion of new or replacement of permanent pacemaker including upper and lower chamber electrodes$386.53$15,482.11
93460 – Insertion of catheter in right and left heart for imaging of blood vessels or grafts and left lower heart$360.00$24,285.92
93225 – Heart rhythm tracing of 48-hour EKG$23.19$2,931.40
93272 – Heart rhythm symptom-related interpretation of 24-hour EKG monitoring up to 30 days$18.43$650.00
33249 – Insertion or replacement of single or dual chamber pacing defibrillator leads$861.52$27,719.63
92941 – Insertion of stent, removal of plaque and/or balloon dilation of coronary vessel during heart attack$347.15$20,500.00
93613 – Insertion of catheters for 3D mapping of electrical impulses to heart muscles$8.29$6,168.00
33533 – Heart artery bypass to repair one artery$567.86$33,812.00
78492 – Nuclear medicine study heart muscle at rest and/or stress multiple studies$112.62$8,168.39
33405 – Replacement of left lower heart chamber valve using artificial valve on heart-lung machine$793.75$32,478.26
36475 – Destruction of insufficient vein of arm or leg, accessed through the skin$520.00$35,661.21
37225 – Removal of plaque in arteries in one leg, endovascular, accessed through the skin or open procedure$514.00$98,026.62


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